About us

Below you will find the team behind the Helping Hand!

Dyanthe Brouwer


Organiser and founder of the helping hand. Dyanthe is working on no less than 2 masters: a research master at the UMCG and the master clinical neuropsychology. She is particularly interested in non congenital brain injury and its rehabilitation and works next to her study at the ACLO. Within the helping hand, Dyanthe takes care of the organization, supports the actions, keeps in touch with the city people and actually does all kinds of things. With energy for 10, a smooth chat and a creative and innovative spirit, Dyanthe underpins the rest of the wonderful team.

Tarissa Engbersen


My name is Tarissa (22) and I am currently studying law at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Besides this study I work in the hospitality industry as a bartender, unfortunately not at the moment. Besides studying and working, I am a sports fanatic, I do water polo and I also play sports in the gym. I prefer to do as much as possible! I am very communicative and I like to make new contacts. That’s why I joined the Helping Hand as an external coordinator. For all questions in this area you can reach me at tarissahelpendehandjes@gmail.com. Furthermore, I am really looking forward to making this hard time a little better with everyone!

Yvette Pinkert


Facebook administrator of the Helping Hand and always available for all your questions via both Facebook and e-mail. Yvette is currently completing her Bachelor of Business Administration with track Accountancy & Controlling at the RUG. Next to her studies she works at the ACLO, just like Dyanthe. In her spare time she plays hockey at GCHC and enjoys drinking wine with friends in the city. Within the Helping Hand Yvette is concerned with Facebook, the book campaign, requests for help and the offerings. She is always loyal, a hard worker and jumps in wherever she can. In short, a real addition to the team!

Nickey Smolders


Nickey Smolders (27) is the founder of the card action and team member of the helping hand. Nickey HRM is studying at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and hopes to complete her studies this year. Nickey works as a recruiter and connecting people is no stranger to her. This is also the reason why Nickey enjoys being able to make a contribution, because as she herself says: “There is nothing better than finding out what connects people”. People describe Nickey as generous, caring and someone with the heart in the right place.

Naomi Mulder


Creative, passionate about education and stimulating talents in children and above all very fanatic in playing games. Naomi is now 22 years old and the youngest member of Team Home Education. Don’t let that fool you, because despite that she has spent many years at the Pedagogical Academy. Naomi is the contact person of TT. Don’t hesitate and especially send your questions/suggestions/photos to her!

Fos Roelofs


My name is Fos, I am 27 years old and until recently I have always enjoyed working in the hospitality industry. But sometimes it’s time for a change so I’m busy looking for a new job in which I can put my energy (although the work as a volunteer at ‘Helping hand for the needy city guy’ is also fun!). I am very concerned about sustainability, I like to make my own cosmetics and I am vegan because I am a very big animal lover. Enthusiastically I also like to dedicate myself to my fellow man!

Lisa Bolt


My name is Lisa, 27 years old and born and raised in Groningen. At the moment I work in the hospitality industry, namely at BOEL (jeu de boules bar) and at the Stockroom (speak-easy cocktail bar) and I do that with a lot of pleasure. In addition, I am a volunteer with the WNF regional team Groningen Education. Helping people, teaching people things and taking care of people and nature is my vocation, and that’s why I started at Helping Hands. I believe that when you have the opportunity, you always have to take care of someone else. After all, you don’t do it alone. Together with Valentina, I am responsible for the coordination and communication of and with internationals and I look forward to working with you to blast some positive energy into the world in these turbulent times!

Valentina Abishag Sagmeister


I’m Valentina, 23 years old and I’m from Vienna, Austria. I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and moved to Groningen last August for a Research master’s program “Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology”.

I also enjoy meeting and getting to know new people, which is why I joined the team of Helping Hands. Lisa and I are now organizing online creative sessions (the first one will take place on Monday March 23rd) and are jointly responsible for the coordination of internationals.