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Below are two ways to contact us. Please email Tarissa for external affairs and Yvette for internal affairs.

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External affairs

Tarissa Engbersen –

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Yvette – EMAIL


Do you have any idea or question about the helping hand in general:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read some of our frequently asked questions.

I've got a good idea. Now what?

We love good ideas! For an idea or advice it is best to contact Dyanthe. This can be done via facebook or by sending her an email at:

Are you making money out of this?

No. We just do all this voluntarily in addition to our jobs and/or other obligations and do not earn money in any way from “the helping hand for city people”.

As an organisation, we are temporarily short of hands. Can we ask you for extra help?

You can always ask for help. Please send an email to: and then we can see what we can do for you.

What makes you unique?

Always a tricky question. We strive to create an environment in which asking for help, thinking along, keeping each other company, discussing or offering help is accessible and without any obligations or costs. We hope to connect the people in the city (students, urbanites, children and internationals) with each other and in this way beat us together through a rather crazy time.

I have a grandfather and grandmother who also like to receive a postcard, can you do something for this?

Yeah, we think everyone deserves a postcard! However, we do not make large-scale calls for a specific party or a call for a single grandfather or grandmother online. This is because we want to make as many people as possible happy, so not 1 person with a hundred tickets, but 100 people with 1 ticket. We do want to make sure that your grandparents receive a postcard (if in Groningen, due to shipping costs). If you send the address of the care institution, hospital department and/or grandparents to, we will make sure that a card falls on the mat.

I don't have a facebook. Is there any way I can get in touch with you?

Of course! We are working hard behind the scenes to be reachable in various ways. If you do not have a facebook, please send an email to:

Don't you spread the virus with the postcards and flyers?

We understand your concern and certainly this question. When distributing postcards and flyers, we clearly adhere to the advice given by the experts at RIVM. For the postcards it means that we first let them ‘air’ in a ventilating room for 48 hours, if we rely on the experts the virus cannot survive on paper and after 24 hours the virus is definitely ‘dead’ to be sure we let the postcards air twice as long. For the distribution of the cards and flyers are clear rules regarding health and hygiene measures. We follow the advice of the RIVM and keep a close eye on the updates.

Someone wants to help me but asks for money, is that normal?

No! Help is voluntary and never costs money! You only pay for the purchased groceries/products but NEVER for the service.

I (or my child) don't understand something about his or her homework, can you help?

Yes, our top team of girls at the PABO certainly knows how to deal with this and lovingly help with homework or other education related questions.

Are you screening the volunteers?

No we don’t screen volunteers and people who need help and we don’t test or screen them in any way.

Who is the helping hand for?

The helping hand has no specific target group and is therefore meant for everyone. For people who feel lonely, for the elderly, for at-risk groups, for young people, for sick people, for children and parents and also for internationals 😉. In short, the helping hand is for the whole city.

I want to support you or help you in the organization, what now?

Great! More hands are always welcome. You can write us all in a message on facebook but the best would be if you want to send an email to Yvette ( for internal affairs and email Tarissa for external affairs. Do you have an overarching question or collaboration in mind? In that case send an email to Dyanthe (