Below you can read about initiatives for and by Internationals.


Hi, everybody! Valentina and Lisa have joined forces to create a safe environment for internationals and to connect internationals and towns!

Get to know an international world including culinary inspiration. Since we are not able to visit each other at the moment we would like to introduce you viritually to people living in Groningen at the moment and this way you will learn something about a different culture.

Several times a week we introduce someone, where they come from, what the reason is that they are in Groningen and how they deal with the current situation. To introduce other people to the culture in which they grew up, a recipe is added. A fun way to discover a new culture and with the current state of affairs we have plenty of time to dive into the kitchen at home.

Creative sessions

We’ve also created an online environment for each of you to let your creativity flow together with others.

So how does that work? From Monday the 23rd between 17 and 19 we organize these sessions. In a cozy and open online space you have the opportunity to draw, craft, write, paint, make music, chat or just listen to the stories, thoughts and feelings of others.

Many of us will have to find a way to adapt to the current circumstances and even though being at home can be soothing, it is often a challenge. These sessions could be seen as a creative café without having to spend a godly fortune on a cup of tea.

We look forward to meeting all of you!