Postcards and Drawings

Below you can read about our cards and drawings actions.


Nickey Smolders and Dyanthe Brouwer started a postcard campaign together for the lonely (elderly) among us. They hope to cheer up as many people as possible as they become more and more isolated by the coronavirus and the measures created for it. The postcard action works as follows:

At several shops in Groningen there are special boxes in which you can hand in your postcard, drawing or uplifting message. No matter how young or old you are, all the drawings/postcards help!


At these locations you can hand in your ticket:


  • Albert Heijn Floresplein
  • Albert Heijn Ebbinge
  • Albert Heijn Selwerd
  • Coop Lewenborg
  • Coop Paterwoldseweg
  • Etos Fish Market
  • Jumbo Wilhelminakade
  • Copy Right Kerklaan

Together, the team will then collect as many maps, drawings and crafts as possible, which you have made, and hand them out to lonely Groningers. Think of the elderly who are in home isolation or a nursing home, or the people who find it scary to take to the streets. We hope this will cheer them up as they become more and more isolated by the coronavirus.

The team behind the Postcard campaign

Nickey Smolders (27) is the founder of the card action and team member of the helping hand. Nickey HRM is studying at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and hopes to complete her studies this year. Nickey works as a recruiter and connecting people is no stranger to her. This is also the reason why Nickey enjoys being able to make a contribution, because as she herself says: “There is nothing better than finding out what connects people”. People describe Nickey as generous, caring and someone with the heart in the right place.

Dyanthe Brouwer is the organizer and founder of the helping hand. Dyanthe is working on 2 masters: Cpe and clinical neuropsychology and works at the ACLO. In her spare time she prefers to cook, play games with friends and go out with the dog. Within the helping hand Dyanthe keeps herself busy with everything. She is a real busy bee. Dyanthe is responsible for the AH in Selwerd.

Kaylee van der Vlis is a sporty creative person! Kaylee loves her work as a hairdresser and loves it a lot to be among people during her work. Kaylee is naturally spontaneous, creative and finds it important to see other people happy! These are all qualities that put Kaylee in her power to be ready for those who need it right now. Kaylee is responsible for the Coop Lewenborg! Will you help Kaylee in the Lewenborg area? Kaylee could use a few more hands!

Barbera Venema: chaos and crisis bring out the best in her. Can’t stand boring. Her motto is “you can do it!” Always looking for creative solutions. She likes to make other people’s lives a little nicer. Loves singing, sewing, reading and camping. And of her 2 grandchildren. Unfortunately her family doesn’t live nearby, so she can’t help them now. And that’s why she helps a.o. here. Barbera is responsible for the ticket bus at the Copy Right in the Kerklaan.

Rowanda Bakkerda Bakker: “Your value is determined by what you can do for someone else”. This is one of Rowanda’s starting points. She is enthusiastic, social and a creative thinker. For example, she does volunteer work at Doedertoe, a workshop that brings joy and connection to people. Within the team she takes care of all supporting activities, creates ideas and takes over tasks where necessary. A spider in the web!

Gerjan Kelder lives in the Plantsoen neighbourhood and is a part-time music teacher and internationalisation coordinator at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. He thinks it is important to continue to pay attention to the people who are isolated by the circumstances around Corona and this initiative can contribute to that! He therefore calls on you to send as many cards as possible and to leave your name and telephone number so that the contact can be continued! Gerjan is responsible for the AH Ebbinge.

Fos Roelofs is a great enthusiast and lovingly supports people who need help. Open-minded, creative and very social (now more online than in real life). She coordinates the flyer action to generate more brand awareness for the platform ‘Helping hand for needy city people’. Furthermore, Fos is responsible for several shops that participate in the card campaign.