Teaching lessons

Below you can read about our online lessons and the team behind the online lessons.

Teaching lessons

Every morning at 10:00 a post is posted online containing the best arts and crafts, teaching activities and articles that make home, garden and kitchen education a lot easier. These posts are lovingly conceived and written by a team of grandparents of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. They also take the time to help you with individual brainteasers (because fractures and verb spelling LAST!). Also curious which teachers are behind this action? Meet Team Home Education!


The latest news about the online lessons can be viewed on our Facebook page! Here we also share news about other initiatives of our group.


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The team behind the Online Lessons

Rosalie: The typical example of “a smart girl is always well prepared”. With a good mood and a good dose of Purol there is nothing she can’t handle. Rosalie sees the positive in all her students and also has the most beautiful reading voice in Groningen! In these circumstances she makes the most of it. Rosalie is responsible for the start of the week. Monday is a lot more fun.

Lisa Anna: If anyone can flame at the right time, it’s her. This teacher not only has a lot of love for her profession, but also for her urban jungle and a good glass of wine. Lisa Anna is a real education stopper who comes up with the most original ideas. She is therefore a valuable asset to Team Home Education.

Tineke: Has a great empathic ability and is there for everyone. “I think it’s important that people feel special and appreciated.” Working with children makes her overjoyed. Secretly, Tineke always remains a little child inside. That’s why the teacher’s hair looks so good. She loves singing, playing guitar, sports and going out. Tineke hopes to be able to help many parents and children in these bizarre times.

Marloes: A kindergarten teacher at heart. She is the colleague with whom you actually hang out in the coffee room a little too long, because she is such a sociable person. In addition to her fluent chat, Marloes is best known for her perseverance. This girl can tackle like no other and does not shy away from a challenge. Also now Marloes is bursting with energy and she can’t wait to share her creativity with you.

Naomi: Creative, passionate about education and stimulating talents in children and above all very fanatical in playing games. Naomi is now 22 years old on this earth and therefore the youngest member of Team Home Education. Don’t let that fool you, because despite that she has spent many years at the Pedagogical Academy. Naomi is the contact person of TT. Don’t hesitate and especially send your questions/suggestions/photos to her!